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coke Lyrics by Lil Peep & Yunggoth is latest English song with music also given by SLIGHT. coke song lyrics are written by Chad Smith, Mark Anderson, John Frusciante, Flea, Anthony Kiedis, Lil Peep & Yunggoth.

coke Song Detail

Song Name: coke
Singer: Lil Peep, Yunggoth
Composer: SLIGHT
Lyrics by: Chad Smith, Mark Anderson, John Frusciante, Flea, Anthony Kiedis & Others

coke Lyrics


Bi^^h, I’m off twelve xans, I can’t feel you, no (no-no)
Drape on my left, f^^k blood, I just want you, babe
Back on that wock, no love, just that bank account
Been rich, f^^k cliques, get no handouts
Jet lag so bad, been like a bank account

Ooh well, oh fail, f^^k love, I die in hell
Bi^^h so fab, fitted all my bi^^hes well
Look in the bank, got her singing, she not feeling well
Ooh, ’cause she’s sweaty and I am dead
So sweaty in my lap, ooh, dying from the mac

Hellboy, hellboy
Pull up & they smell, boy
Macbook on my arm
I ain’t got no dell, boy
Your bi^^h, my bi^^h

Same shit, f^^k s^^t
F^^k this, life sucks
Wrists slit, suck my d^^k
Three six, nice whips
White rice, bi^^hes sniff
I’ma throw a s^^t fit

Pull up and I dip quick
Pull up and she suck my d^^k
6 h^es on my s^^t
I am a young white prick
White coke, white d^^k

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